TCIY Cover -Front OnlyThe Choice is Yours is a book which boasts of the knowledge of the true meaning of the Grace of God and that of Faith as taught by the Holy Spirit in the manner that is hardly known to the World. The depth of the revelation in the book stands it out as an uncommon resource for self examination of whether one is a believing follower or just a believing fan of Jesus Christ.

It offers a detailed explanation of how and why the real man of the image and likeness of God is the soul, whereas the erstwhile spirit and body were formed and not created. The book explains what is the offer of sacrifice and what is milk and adult food in Christianity, and what it means to die once before judgment, and why God created man, God’s kind of love and forgiveness, how to get the key to overcome, the place of music and rest in Christianity, the mystery of three persons in one and so on.

It is written to show the two possible opposing understanding of the scripture that the reader may be helped to make a choice of which to believe.

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