Ubebe_ RTG Cover frm internetReturn to God is a rare resource for uncommon Bible knowledge. It is one book which clearly identifies the Gospel of Grace as different from the tradition under the Mosaic covenant. Yet it strings them together in a way without mixing them up. The book covers several areas of the Holy Bible which a good number of people shy away from. The book debunks some commonly held views about tithing, fasting, seed sowing, who of the combination of spirit and soul and body is the principal man, born again events, the reality of reincarnation, and many more.

The coverage is huge and deep. It dwells on truth and it is written to give all glory to God and not to man, nor to follow the regulations and commandments of man. The book has a Part two section, which gives a brief history of the evolution of Christianity from inception to date. It is written to help awaken the spirit of discernment in man that he may know that so much of the gospel today is at variance with the only authentic gospel which apostle Paul preached.

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